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Here’s what I know is possible…

In all your relationships, you can:

  • Experience deep CONNECTION
  • Feel HEARD
  • Experience being SEEN and ACCEPTED for who you truly are

You can:

…go from frustrated to fulfilled …let go of conflict and allow peace into your life …trade criticism for loving connection These kinds of shifts will not occur in the routine of your day-to-day life. They require that you intentionally do something different.

The act of CHANGE requires COURAGE

The courage to pause and ask,

"Will I be satisfied with my life - if nothing changes?"

If your answer is "no," then it's time to ACT

  • Make the time to learn a new way of being. 
  • Find someone who has been where you are and is where you want to be. 
  • And then invest in your transformation. 

Make a change. Shift the course. Move.

Inner transformation requires effort, a safe space, a wise guide and a whole lot of love. Are you ready to step into your power, to create the relationships…and the life you want? 

"Vickie, I found you at the lowest, deepest and darkest place in my life... Your teachings have helped me to restore my self-esteem and self-confidence. I have changed from a meek and timid broken wife to a strong and courageous woman. I have found an inner strength that didn’t exist after the affair. I truly appreciate your wisdom and guidance." - Michele M.

"Who was I? What was I going to do with my future? Will these ruminating thoughts about my marriage ever stop? Will I ever trust another man? Why do I still get triggered? These questions, along with others, led to my work with Vickie. 

Over the course of six months, Vickie helped me to see the multiple ways I had betrayed myself in the past. With her love, support and guidance, I feel so much stronger and clearer about myself and my future. 

My self esteem has grown, and I now have a much better sense of what I want and don’t want in my life. "  

- Rena K.

"Vickie proved to be the most incredible catalyst in the next chapter of "who am I"." Her skill and gentle ability to help me open up communication into my deeper self was powerful. The skills that I learned and integrated have made a significant impact on my daily life, and are supporting me in the writing and publishing my first book.  

Vickie is a deeply intuitive soul who helped me transform my negative self-talk into empowered self-loving. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her."  

- Anika Severns

Are you ready to step into your power, to create the relationships…and the life you want?

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Vickie Falcone, M.A., is a Relationship Coach, Speaker and Author who works with women who want to create deeply fulfilling relationships with their partner, their children, and themselves. 

She leads intensive programs and works one-on-one with people to help them feel peaceful, happy and desirable again. Participants of her programs leave with the information, motivation and practical skills to create lasting change. Vickie is a seasoned life coach and speaker committed to helping people heal and grow.  

She is the author of the book Buddha Never Raised Kids and Jesus Didn’t Drive Carpool: Seven Principles for Parenting With Soul and the 6-week program audio program Parenting That Works!: How to Get Kids to Listen and Cooperate. Her soon-to-be-released book is titled, Heal from the Affair: How to Turn His Cheating into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You.  

She has appeared as a parenting expert on numerous national radio and television shows including CNN Headline News. Her insights have been featured in national publications including Parents, The Boston Globe, Woman’s World and Good Housekeeping. However, she considers her biggest success to be her own transformation from victim to victor. 

Her greatest joy is sharing the concepts she has used to heal the pain of betrayal, find her authentic self, and marry her soulmate.