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Vickie Falcone, Speaker

Vickie Falcone, M.A. works with parents who want to create more peace at home and teachers who want to learn positive classroom management skills. She speaks to schools and organizations, across the country, that want to provide their audiences with tools that really work to become more effective with children.

Today’s parents are more stressed than ever. Vickie understands. She fully comprehends the unique challenges of raising children in these times, and offers highly-effective solutions. She helps people become their highest vision of themselves as a parent.

 In all of her programs, she brings her ideas home with a mix of humor, inspiration and practicality. Participants leave with the information, the motivation and the practical skills they need to improve their parenting practices right away. Vickie is an entertaining and magnetic presenter, but even more importantly, she helps parents create lasting change.  

She has spent over 17 years as a speaker, teaching and coaching thousands of parents to success.  

Vickie is the author of the book Buddha Never Raised Kids and Jesus Didn’t Drive Carpool: Seven Principles for Parenting With Soul. In her book, as in her live programs, she distills positive parenting theory into practical and easy-to-understand principles and practices parents can put to use right away.

  She has appeared as a parenting expert in numerous national media including CNN headline news, Parents Magazine, Science of Mind Magazine, The Boston Globe and Women’s World Magazine. 

  Vickie speaks from experience and “walks her talk.” As a mother, she uses the parenting principles she teaches every day to create remarkable relationships with her two daughters.  

Drawing from her talents as a speaker, mother and entrepreneur, Vickie has an exceptional ability to lead audiences toward lasting change. Input your text in this area


How Get Kids to Listen and Cooperate: Connect! This is Vickie Falcone’s most-requested program. It helps parents minimize conflict with their children, maximize cooperation and closeness, and create a foundation for more peace at home. 

  The Secret Language of Parenting That Works: The Art of Encouragement Many parents and children today feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Life at home can feel chaotic and disconnected. While the challenge may be frustrating, the solution is simple: create a positive, encouraging atmosphere in your home.  

“No I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me!” Redirecting Power Struggles Why is my child being so difficult? Yes, you will get in this car right now! How do I get my children to get out the door…eat dinner without a struggle…get into bed? Does this self talk sound familiar? If so, you may be struggling for power with your children. 

What to Do Instead of Yell, Nag, Threaten or Punish: Positive Discipline Many parents long to replace outdated discipline methods with methods that are more respectful and more effective. In this workshop, participants will learn specific alternatives to punishment that help children learn to be more responsible.  

Vickie is available for keynotes, seminars, workshops, and panels. 

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