Parenting That Works 6-Week course March 5 - April 9, 2019


 Parenting That Works!

A 6-week program for parents who want more cooperation and peace at home. 

Next class starts March 5, 2019 in Santa Monica

You can create more cooperation and peace at home…and much sooner than you may think!  

Attend this 6-week course & have fun learning practical skills to:  

...Reduce Power Struggles

...Create a Cooperative Family

...Discipline Without Yelling

...Develop Mutual Respect

...Feel Calmer andEnjoy Being a Parent 

Here's what you will learn in 6 sessions:

Week 1 - How Get Kids to Listen and Cooperate: Connect! 

  • Understand your child’s four core needs and why meeting these invites cooperation  
  • Learn how to calm yourself when the heat is on 
  • Be able to use simple steps to get your child to really listen 

Week 2 - How to Create a More Positive, Encouraging and Peaceful Home 

  • Learn the surprising negative consequences of over-praising your child 
  • Discover a communication style that creates more positive energy in your home
  • The effects of your expectations on you and your child  

Week 3 - What to Do Instead of Yell, Nag, Threaten or Punish: Positive Discipline (Part 1) 

  • Understand the difference between punishment and consequences
  • Discover the most effective ways to teach children to take responsibility
  • Learn how to use natural and logical consequences to improve behavior 

Week 4 - What to Do Instead of Yell, Nag, Threaten or Punish: Positive Discipline (Part 2)  

  • Just say “no” to the “naughty mat. Why “timeout” doesn’t usually work and what does
  • Positive ways to hold children accountable for their actions 
  • How to raise a child who is respectful 

Week 5 - How to Effectively Handle Feelings and Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child 

  • Why emotionally intelligent kids succeed in life
  • What not to say to an upset child
  • How to discharge strong emotions and help your child calm down  

Week 6 – How to Minimize Conflicts and Sibling Rivalry 

  • Reduce sibling rivalry and competition
  • How to stop fights using action, not words
  • How to keep it all going! 


Small groups with Hands-On Learning - - No Boring Lectures! Classes meet one time per week for six weeks. A workbook is included.  

Parenting That Works! Course Details:

Investment: $297 for 1 person or $497 for two people signing up together.


  •  6 consecutive Tuesdays, March 5 - April 9, 2019
  •  In-person program with Vickie Falcone from 7:30 - 9:30 pm Pacific Time
  •  A workbook
  •  Each session is recorded so if you miss a session, you can listen at your convenience.
  •  Bring your questions and challenges, there is plenty of time for personal coaching.

100% Money-Back Guarantee Come and participate fully in the entire program. If at the conclusion of the program you don’t agree that you’ve learned the skills, tools and insights you need to begin to be a better parent, you will receive a prompt and courteous refund of your entire investment.  

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