Heal from the Affair 6 Week Online Prog Jan. 30 - Mar. 6, 2019

 Vickie Falcone presents:

Heal from the Affair 

 A 6 week, online program to help you move beyond the pain and heal your broken heart. Begins on Wed., January 30, 2019

Session 1:

How to Deal with Negative Emotions 

  •  Why Time Does Not Heal You…and What Will
  •  How to move through intense feelings like hurt, anger, and fear
  •  Learn the real source of your pain 
  •  Put an end to the destructive negative self-talk when you THINK better thoughts

Session 2:

HEAL your relationship - with yourself and them 

  • Why it’s essential to heal this relationship in your consciousness (whether you stay or go)
  • How to jumpstart your healing: Your 30 day Transformation Plan 
  • The actions you must take to love yourself more

Yes! I'm Ready to heal

 Session 3: 

SEE from Your Soul’s Perspective 

  •  Discover newfound freedom when you chose to SEE this challenge from the perspective of your Soul
  •  The question you need to stop asking yourself now if you want to get unstuck 
  •  How to use their cheating as a catalyst for your growth and transformation 

Session 4: 

RELEASE: When Forgiving Seems Impossible 

  • Discover a radical new perspective on forgiveness 
  • Learn what forgiving is not 
  • Who and what you must forgive first (hint: it’s not “them” or what they did) 
  • How to answer the question, “Should I stay or should I go?” 

Session 5: 

RECLAIM Your Power 

  •  The many ways we give our power away in relationships and the effect it has on infidelity 
  •  How to end the blame game 
  •  Discover what their betrayal really means about you 
  •  How to turn feelings of hopelessness into emotional freedom
  •  How to take back your power and joy

Session 6: 

FIND and heal the Wound behind the Wound

  • What your unhealed childhood wounds have to do with their cheating
  • Re-write your story so that you win 
  • How to move from Victim…to Victor…to Vision 
  • Trust yourself enough to love again (whether or not your relationship survives) 

If you know it’s time to heal the negative emotions of anger, jealousy and resentment, to let go of feeling like a victim, to get yourself back, or better yet, to step into a version of yourself that is better than you were before his affair, I can take you there. - Vickie Falcone, M.A.

Heal from the Affair Course Details:

Investment: $297 


  •  6 consecutive Wednesdays, Jan. 30 - March 6, 2019
  •  Live video webinar led by Vickie from 6:30 - 7:45 pm Pacific Time (9:30 - 10:45 pm Eastern Time)
  •  Each session will be recorded and emailed to you the day following each class so you can listen at your convenience.
  •  3 group coaching calls between your sessions. During these live phone coaching sessions, you will be able to ask questions, receive 1:1 coaching from Vickie on your specific issues, connect with, and receive support from the others in the course.
  • Access to the secret Heal from the Affair Facebook group where you will receive support fom your fellow participants and get your questions answered by Vickie.
Yes, I'm ready to heal!